Why do all shopping malls look the same?

Did you notice; most shopping malls and high streets look alike. The same brands, stores, storefronts, design, people etc. What is the odd change, if two different retail developers and their respective architects, create two shopping malls, that they look the same?
One-in-a-thousand? And still, they look the same!

Some people say who cares, because most people will shop in a radius of action of about 20 Km in densely populated areas, like for example the cities in Europe.

Who should know better how to solve this issue and many other retail issues as the members of

Looking outside-in and breaking with the current retail laws will be the only solution for developers to be distinctive in their offering. Generate great ideas, create the right mood, elect your tenants, communicate with your audience and work as a team to enchant the consumer. Get rid of the Chinese walls in your shopping property.

Caution an example of eroding retailing, we find all over the US. In early 2005, husband-and-wife filmmaking team Hanson Hosein and Heather Hughes spent 52 days driving 13,000 miles through 32 states with a video camera. Their mission: to document how mom-and-pop independents were faring, faced with fierce competition from big-box retailers, as well as how small communities were changing across America. They set rules for their trip, which included only shopping, and eating at independent establishments and avoiding interstate highways. The result is their video documentary; ‘Independent America’, which came out in November, 2005.

To view a trailer of the film, go to Independent America.

Author: Christian ter Maat MCC, MMC, CMC; Director Carevolution;  management and organisation consultants. We are strategy, organisation, management and communication consultants with a curiosity for nearly any industry and a passion for: media, entertainment, creative industries, hospitality, leisure, tourism, retail, wellness, care, charity, professional services, real-estate and automotive.

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