NEW design Starbucks Amsterdam flower market; not so special!

On Wednesday the 24th, the latest Starbucks will open in Amsterdam at De Bloemen Markt. Starbucks Vice-Presedent store design EMEA, Ad de Hond, is responsible for this new coffee shop. According to the Starbuck’s ‘Renaissance-plan’, local shops should have a local touch and feel. Did Starbucks succeed in this Bloemenmarkt promise and how does this relate to their Rembrandtplein store in The Bank?

Starbucks started in the Netherlands with Schiphol and train stations. Here a local approach was not seen and also not required. High traffic areas with rushing people should provide a place to stay and have a reasonable coffee (most sales are for ‘to go’). This is the eleventh Starbucks in Amsterdam, including the train stations. And the 28th store in the Netherlands. According to Starbucks mission (see below) the neighbourhood (local) plays an important role. The other Dutch coffee house chains, like Coffee Company (acquired by DE Master Blenders, which is being acquired by Joh. A. Benckiser), Bagels & Beans, Kaldi, Doppio Espresso have a uniform look & feel, however a local approach of customer experience, even the company owned stores. For the best coffee in the Netherlands, visit the AD Koffie test (with an Ikea store on number 20! and Starbucks on number 50!).






Starbucks The Bank
A landmark building in Rembrandt Square of about 1,400 square foot bank vault, transformed into the biggest single space of the Starbuck’s  stores in all of Europe. Starbucks started with a deep study of Dutch design.  The Dutch have a strong sensibility of using open spaces with clean lines – a simple aesthetic combined with functional ingenuity.  It is the first store in Europe to feature Starbucks Reserve® coffee via the Clover® brewing system, and the first store equipped with its own in-house bakery.  The experience that is brought to life in this store – new design aesthetics, amplified coffee theatre, and the depth of connection to the culture of this place – sets the stage for Starbuck’s  future across Europe (according to Starbucks).

Starbucks De Bloemen Markt
A small store in the tourist hart of Amsterdam; the flower market, surrounded by the flower, souvenir and cheese shops. Not a place were you would find local Amsterdam people, so why a local or neighbourhood shop here? And did Starbucks succeed in creating a local shop. YES; they did! The design is like so many other shops in Amsterdam. A rough brick wall, at least 50 shops have this. A marble counter, this you will find in variety of stores, for example in Döner Kebab stores. Old tiles, like tiles from Delft, but then plain white; also these are frequently used in modern designed stores and were once part of every butcher store in town. Concrete floor, functional but this is so the nineties! The Bloemenmarkt Starbucks is not very special. However the mission succeeded; creating a local, one out of a thousand stores.




























The Starbucks Story
Their story began in 1971. Back then they were a roaster and retailer of whole bean and ground coffee, tea and spices with a single store in Seattle’s Pike Place Market. Today, they are privileged to welcome millions of customers through their doors every day, in more than 17.000 locations (8.870 Company‐owned 8.139 Licensed stores) in over 50 countries. Starbucks had a turnover of 306 million dollar in the first quart of 2013 in EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa and Russia) and an EBIDTA of 22.3 million dollar. Starbucks Mission; to inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup and one neighbourhood at a time.










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