13th international conference on corporate reputation, brand, identity and competitiveness.

Professor Cees van Riel is your host and conference chair at the 13th International Conference on Corporate

Reputation, Brand, Identity and Competitiveness. This conference organised by the Reputation Institute and the Rotterdam School of Management will take place in Amsterdam on May 28 – 30, 2009. This is the opportunity for European communication professionals to meet, greet and succeed.

The financial crisis has severely damaged reputations of companies and individuals. Monetary fortunes have been lost, increasing numbers of people have been laid off. Key questions to be answered at this conference are: What can be done to mitigate reputation damage? What lessons can be learned from academic research? What are the visions of representatives of leading global firms on how to maintain a sound reputation?

conference theme: Ensuring business continuity through impactful reputation management.

This year’s conference will present best practices and leading academic research on topics such as:

  • How do we restore trust between top management and external and internal stakeholders?
  • Is sustainability, sustainable in times of crises?
  • How do we handle internal conflicts from a reputation management point of view?
  • What is the role of country reputation in creating competitive advantage?
  • What are the newest developments in identity research and how does this help managers in the area of reputation?
  • What are the newest developments in reputation risk assessment?

A delegation of members of the Master of Corporate Communication Alumni Association (MCCA), the network for corporate communication professionals, will be present at this conference.

The Conference Program will begin Thursday evening May 28 with two plenary sessions followed by an opening dinner.

The Conference fee is US 1500,-. For details and registration.


By; Christian ter Maat MCC, MMC; international certified management consultant (CMC) and master of corporate communication (MCC) at Carevolution Management Consultants.

© Copyright 2009 Carevolution


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